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Business Events & Parties


We are unique in the world because everything that our competitors have to rent (hotels, resorts, SPAs, clubs, etc.), rent (cars, music, video, photographic, modelling agencies, etc.) or buy, the group can make available to us. This means being more competitive, thus reducing the budget or obtaining more results with the same budget. 

Furthermore, we work 3 months before each event and 3 months after because every our event certainly brings image results to our client, but where applicable, invoiced thanks to our integrations with other TDHI divisions that can invite selected clients to obtain further economic benefits for our customer.  


When it comes to creative corporate event ideas, there is a huge range of options to choose from. Interactive quizzes, masterclasses, street markets, and silent discos can all work brilliantly. Many are also flexible, as they’re adaptable to outdoor venues or can be run online. What’s clear is that unique events are the way to go in today’s landscape. To stand out in a crowded marketplace and create a truly memorable experience for clients and staff, be sure to think differently. 


Get started planning your next workplace event and avoid common pitfalls with our handy corporate event checklist.

Business private event

If you love to plan and host parties and special events, we are your ideal consultant. We organize events and parties with absolute attention to detail, with excellent organization, perfectly organized and very creative.


Business corporate event

A great corporate event is far more than a generic team-building day – it can do everything from boosting morale to increasing sales for your clients. Successful corporate events not only nurture working relationships and create connections outside the office environment, but they can also be a great way to reward and incentivise employees.


Business charity event

There is a stark difference between charities and corporations when it comes to fundraising. Although the goal is the same, i.e., to raise money, the techniques, presentation, and requirements may be quite different. Charities typically want as much positive publicity as possible; corporations may, at times, aggressively market their campaigns or withdraw from the public’s eye altogether, depending on what they are attempting to accomplish.


Business product launch event

Your product launch event is an opportunity to showcase your newest product to investors, customers and influencers. Successful brand launches create serious hype around new products to boost initial sales and build your brand's reputation.

Cooking class, Virtual horse racing, Virtual bingo, Auction, Scavenger hunt, Outdoor cinema screening, The ultimate pub quiz, Interactive masterclass, Pop-up street market, Silent disco, Themed supper club, Kidult day and a lot more ...

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