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TDHI  Music, TV, Movie


The world of production is challenging and particular. 


The only thing we never lack is financial resources. We are looking for projects and people to invest in.

Music productions

We are interested in supporting and producing female singers or female musical groups and classical musicians and classical music groups. If you play a musical instrument (violin, viola, cello and piano), send us videos, and we will evaluate them.


TV productions

We are interested in strategic television productions in the TDHI business sectors.


Movie and movie corporate productions

We produce Movies, mainly in Central, South America and Asia. But perhaps we also begin in Europe. Furthermore, for our corporate clients, we produce videos tailored to the client. Presenting a video about your company at a convention or trade show will make you reach your goals faster.


Artistic show productions

We produce artistic shows in collaboration to support the other divisions: events in restaurants, hotels, golf clubs, fairs, resorts, museums and galleries. We are also Market makers in this sector.


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