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TDHI Media and Event SUPPORT 2024

January 2024

European market with priority: Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Rep. Czechia, Austria, Italy and Spain.



Do you have to make an advertising page in a newspaper or magazine? Do you have a media plan, or do you want to make a media plan for your company or project? Share it with us, and we'll tell you what we can do for you. We could also finance it. We will choose 10 to which we will make a concrete and useful gift from all media prospect we receive. Which? Write to us about your media plan or your company or products, and you'll find out.



Are you a singer, or do you want to become one and are you looking for someone who believes in you? Are you a female band or producer looking for a sponsor? Write to us, and we will tell you what we can do for you. We will choose the 10 prospects that we believe are best to give them services and non-repayable loans. Write to us, present your project, your needs or your ideas. It has always been smart to write to us, but it will be your best choice in the coming months.

vertical_tagline_on_corporate TDHI BUSIN


Get ready for the reopening? Send us your project or idea or desire to make an event for the reopening of your Restaurant, Hotel, Club, SPA, Golf House, Resort etc. And we will tell you what we can do for you. If we agree we will organize the event for you and you will pay for it in 12 months. We will also choose 10 events to which we will give the possibility to pay for the event in 12 months, but part of the event will be free. How much? Write to us, and you will find out.

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Do you want to organize conferences, and are you looking for a sponsor? Would you like to create a forum about your industry or company services? We can give you all the services or create it for you, and we can finance it up so you can have your forum or your lecture, and you can pay back in 12 months, without any surcharge. We will also choose the 10 that we consider the best to give services and non-repayable financing. Yes, you read that right. Write to us, present your project or your needs, and we will tell you what we can do for you.




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